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Full Version: Open Beta Launch
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I am pleased to announce that is officially opened to the public!

The website is considered to be Version 1.0 Open Beta status which means that while the website works it has not been tested by the general public. I am anticipating that there will be issues that will pop up and if so please leave feedback in the Feedback forum. is an idea that was inspired by an old, defunct website whose name I've now forgotten that allowed users to share their iTunes data with each other back around 2010 or so. When I saw the scripts provided by Alex King I saw a quick way to get this site designed and programmed within a couple of months of part-time work.

This website will be a refuge for old iTunes users who curate their own playlists and manage their own music libraries. Its a homage to 2001-2019 when iTunes was the best way to control your own music. So while Apple Music now has changed the game I'm hanging onto the way I've done things. I suspect there are many out there like me.

So welcome to, a place where we can support each other to have control over our music, our way.